True U engages school-aged humans through trauma-informed movement, mindfulness, and self-reflection practices to promote self worth, resilience, and community leadership.



We use trauma-informed, body positive movement to help young people of all backgrounds connect with their bodies, calm their minds, and learn invaluable self-care and self-regulation tools in a non-competitive, judgement-free environment. Most importantly, we encourage students to be themselves and listen to their unique bodies.  


Using accessible breathing, meditation, and intention-setting exercises, we work with students to incorporate meditation and other mindfulness practices into their daily lives to empower them to be less reactive, less stressed, more in touch with their emotions and goals, and better equipped to take on the world. 


We use prompt-based journaling and group reflection to promote self expression, build self compassion, and empower students to be themselves in a judgement-free environment. By sharing our experiences, struggles, and victories, these discussions remind us that we are not alone. 

WHAT WE stand for

At True U, we believe in using a trauma-informed approach to yoga and movement practices that respects the past experiences and continued journey of the individual. Through these practices, we work with youth to build self worth, resilience, and agency in the ways they shape their lives.

  • We believe that young people should be empowered to explore their own sense of self. We believe that when we can safely connect with our own feelings and the feelings of those around us, we feel more worthy, connected, and empowered to participate fully in our lives and lead in our communities.

  • We believe that our organization should embody practices of self care. We believe that when these practices are imparted to our students, they are more resilient and fulfilled in their own lives, and more likely to become peer leaders and educators within their communities.

  • We believe that a diverse community is the only way forward: one where everyone feels celebrated for what makes them unique. The representation and inclusion of people of diverse cultures, backgrounds, identities, and life experiences leads to the creation of a more beautiful, joyful, and just world.

  • We believe that by elevating self compassion, self worth, and general wellbeing, young people learn to manage and resolve conflict in a positive way as part of a supportive, empowering, inclusive community.


We serve youth of all backgrounds and identities across the United States. Check out some of our partners below.