bring true u to your community


Frequency: Single 60-90 Minute Class

The classic True U model: after a trauma-informed, body positive yoga class to support students in connecting with their bodies, students explore breathing, mindfulness, and self reflection practices they can take off the mat and into their daily lives. 


Frequency: 45-90 Minute Classes Over Several Weeks

Yoga, mindfulness, and self compassion happen with regular practice. A multi-session series allows for students to make these tools habits. Multi-session series include trauma-informed yoga, guided meditation, journaling and true talk, and the curriculum can be customized to fit the needs of the group.


Frequency: Half/Full Day

Led by experienced True U facilitators, students participate in a day of trauma-informed yoga, guided meditation, journaling and true talk, and community building. Depending on the length, location, and community goals for the workshop, students may also have access to outdoor activities, partner work, specialized leadership training, extended journaling, and more. 


True U has presented kick-off events and workshops at youth empowerment and leadership summits across the country, including the UN Girl Up Summit, She Rocks the World Virginia Girls' Summit, and Generation Hope. The format, theme, and focus of these engagements can be customized according to the needs of the group.