True U presents kick-off events and workshops at youth empowerment and leadership summits across the country, including the UN Girl Up Summit, the She Rocks the World Virginia Girls' Summit, and Generation Hope. The format, theme, and focus of these engagements can be customized according to the needs of the group. 


Frequency: Half/Full Day

Led by experienced mentors, teens participate in a day of yoga, intention setting, guided meditation, journaling and true talk, and community building. Depending on the length, location, and goal of the workshop, participants may also have access to nature walks, partner work, specialized leadership training, extended journaling, and more. 


Frequency: 45-90 Minute Classes Over Several Weeks

For teens looking to explore their strengths and forge connections, this multi-session series allows for deeper internal work, positive habit-forming, and community building, while encouraging teens to take their leadership to the next level. Multi-Session Series include fun, accessible yoga, guided meditation, journaling and true talk. Format and focus can be customized to fit the needs of the group. 


Frequency: Single 60-90 Minute Class

After a playful, accessible yoga class to get us into our bodies, we'll explore breathing, intention setting, and mindfulness practices that teens can use in their daily lives, wherever their feet take them.