True U is a mission-driven social enterprise.* To ensure accessibility to all communities, we operate using a sliding scale model, meaning that clients who can compensate our work financially directly support those who cannot — the vast majority of our partners and their students. When you become a True U sponsor, your support goes straight into essential operational costs like teacher pay, trainings, and True U student sessions.

Every sponsorship counts, no matter the size. Here are some of the ways our sponsors help magnify our impact:

  • With a gift of $30, you can sponsor one teacher for one class. Our teachers are the real heroes of True U, and the tools they give their students last a lifetime.

  • With a gift of $100, you can sponsor a full one-hour session. At a True U session, students are given the opportunity to learn about mindfulness and yoga, invaluable tools they can take off the mat and into their lives.

  • With a gift of $250, you can sponsor a full day training for new True U teachers. We would be nowhere without our dedicated teachers, whose tireless work helps us magnify our impact and reach more school-aged humans.

  • With a gift of $400, you can sponsor a month-long weekly class for school-aged humans in their community. Yoga and mindfulness happen with practice, and weekly sessions allow students to begin to make these tools habits.

* True U, LLC is a mission-driven social enterprise. We are not a 501c3, and your sponsorships are not tax-deductible. Questions about why we went this route? Email us at!